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Re: Recording

Originally posted by Riempie
I wanted to record the OS loading in AIAB and start a WHDload game.
I should have mentioned this in the FAQ, because of that fact that the screen dimensions must remain consistent throughout the AVI, recording picasso modes is not a possibility, as the AVI dimensions are set on the first frame, when workbench loads and the display is changed to picasso, the AVI dimensions will have changed and capture will cease.

But not only this, i have just discovered a bug that prohibits AIAB and the like from booting, for some weird reason after selecting a location for the AVI, workbench will no longer load past the CLI, obviously has something to do with file paths and i will look into it.

If it weren't for this bug it might have been possible to record picasso modes providing you set WinUAE's display dimensions to equal that of the workbench setting.

I just had an idea, how about i make the AVI dimensions independent to WinUAE's, so we could for example set the AVI to output at a fixed size of say 800x600, if WinUAE changes to another mode whether it be a higher or lower resolution, the AVI will be cropped or centered respectively. I think thats a good idea actually and i will work on it right now

Is there no other way to speed up the record time? I wanted to show people how cool and easy this is. But it takes ages to record something. Ok, I know it's CPU-intensive, but I just can't wait for a a 1 minute AVI being recorded in 3 hours time (it runs at 1 or 3 fps).
Sorry, nothing can be done about this, besides lowering the output resolution. Upgrading your CPU will make all the difference.

And the start of the recording can't be turned on at a certain point while the emulation is already running?
Currently, no. Although one possibility is using the save-state feature, saving the game at the point at which you would like capture to start then restarting WinUAE and loading in the state before starting the emulation. This method will work for most games, but will crash under picasso modes.
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