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Microsoft pays $6.1M for opensource Amiga program

I thought Amiga Fans might think this was interesting. Ok so it wasnt JUST an Amiga program (Eurgh, Fortran) but the Amiga version being posted to the Aminet may pave the way for him to claw back some money

THE COURTS and the patent system have been labelled braindead after forcing Microsoft to shell out millions to a man who patented code written by another man years earlier.

Yesterday, we reported how the Vole had to shell out $6.1 million to Carlos Armando Amado for having used code he patented in 1995 for its Microsoft Office.

However, a different man, Glenn Everhart, told the INQ that the technology involved was all in a bit of code he penned called AnalyRIM (no really) in 1991.
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