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There are no AmigaOnes for sell, and there will be no boards from "Troika" or "ACK".

That project is dead and won't go anywhere.

Eyetech is not and will not produce anymore AmigaONE's and has given up, Troika never presented any proof it can even produce it and failed all schedules, and ACK looks like a complete hoax, it has only presented lies, missed schedules, and even complete and absolute failiure to produce even photographic evidence. At this point it's boderline comedy material.

There are zealots out there who'll straight out lie to you and tell you AmigaONEs are around the corner. They aren't, it's a lie, and it has been a lie for quite sometime now.

Why do they lie, then? Only a very small, in the dozens, or hundreds tops, users are left who believe in the AmigaONE and use one. It's a very small minority that clearly has no problem lying or being in serious psychological denial about the state of the AmigaONE project, which at this point you can consider dead.

And perhaps some people are just too proud to admit they were gullible dumbasses that got used and abused, again, and shoved hundreds of dollars in ovepriced hardware that is now totally outdated and useless.
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