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The Wolf
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Well, well...
Pleased that new site now works well with almost everything and for everyone.
In a few days (a week?) we're going to release a major update, so stay tuned!

About Zoonic: (Administrator, sorry for the OT! It's only for this time!)
The project was started years ago, along a friend of mine, for the first time at work with amiga assembly. Due to the restriction of Amiga (500!) hardware, we abandoned the project (we have would to put in a multilevel parallax scrolling. bob effects, 32+32 colours at time. All running at 50 Hz (maybe this was too much for us!) For the hack... well, it speak for itself: Sega/Mega...
Now, the project will be resurrected, but unfortunately for all the Amiga fans, only on PC (even if 90% of graphics was painted with my old amiga 2000!). When? You'll ask to the main programmer, or take a look at the news, when it will be downloadable!
(I am the "unregistered" guy...)
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