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Post Adventures I can come up with

I have a specials-magazine of Amiga Joker that features all adventure games ever produced until 1992 for Amiga, ST and PC. They reviewed many titles I had never heard of before.

Here is a list of adventures I can come up with now. I don't know if they are all point'n'click:
Bargon Attack (Loriciel, 1992)
Codename: Iceman (Sierra On-line, 1990)
Colonel's Bequest (Sierra On-line, 1990)
Curse of Enchantia (Core Design, 1992)
Demoniak (Palace, 1990)
Emanuelle (Coktel Vision, 1990)
Hook (Ocean, 1992)
KGB (Cryo, 1992)
Labyrinth of Time for CDTV/CD32 (EA, 1994)
Leisure Suit Larry (1,2,3,5) (Sierra)
Les Manley: Search for the King (Accolade, 1990)
Maya: The Incan adventure (Loriciel, 199x)
Police Quest 1-3 (Sierra)
Quest for Glory 1-3 (Sierra)
Simon the Sorcerer 1 (Adventuresoft, 1993)
Simon the Sorcerer 2 (Epic Marketing?, 2000)
Space Quest 1-4 (Sierra)
Universe (Core Design, 1994)
Ween -The Prophecy (Coktel Vision, 1992)
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