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Originally Posted by DrBong
As an aside, AmigaBASIC was a licensed part of WB, which wasn't was built into the price of Amigas that people purchased new. As you said, it wasn't perfect (IMHO it was slow and buggy) and looking back should have been absolutely free for this very reason alone.
Well, I guess that is splitting hairs. Everything that is supplied costs the consumer in the end. If I remember correctly (I could be wrong) Atari did not include any software with the Atari ST which did cost about the same as an Amiga 500.
It was slow but not really that buggy ?! Absoft had a compiler out so if speed was an issue that could have been resolved. The intention was to teach basic programming concepts as well as allowing easy access to many of the Amiga's features. At the time it was the best unless you remember a better implementation ?
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