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Thanks for the encouragement.

Originally Posted by blade002
get the hell out there and make yourself known!
I'm working on it.. just recording a bunch of songs that I should have recorded years ago. That one was the first.

Im looking at getting into some music myself with a synth, so i may ask you for a few tips later down the track.
No problem. Fire away when you're ready.

Actually i just read further up that you used to work for Psygnosis??.. between what years did you work there and what was some of your work??..
Between 1992 and 1999, but I did the music on Bill's Tomato Game in 1991, and some freelance stuff into 2000. I had my hand somewhere in almost every game we released around that time. Sound effects, music, level design, whatever. The main games I worked on were the ones that annoyingly weren't particularly successful (Theatre Of Death, Globdule, Last Action bloody Hero), apart from the original Formula1 which nobody played with the music on anyway. Do a search for me and Psygnosis, there's a fair bit of info that I've posted over the years.
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