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Originally posted by Ian
ePSXe is extremely compatable Fred, most games run fine with it.

Bleem on the other hand was and is an overpriced piece of shit, the original? PSX emu, PSXEmuPro worked with more games and that was free.

I would like to know how they justified charging anything for that piece of shit once ePSXe was released and for FREE.
Not quite for free. You had to have the playstation Bios file like you need the Kick.rom for amiga emulation. I think that's one of the places Bleem got in trouble with Sony since they included the file (or a reverse engineered customized version of it).

And PSEmuPro was more compatible than Bleem. I don't know if that's true but I read that PSEmuPro was the first emulator to correctly emulate a game.

Twisting said : Marz, it's the worst of the lot of PSX emulators. Why would anybody WANT to be pro-Bleem? Why not find the buggiest version of WinUAE and start a fan club for it?

You forget, they need to charge money for that version.

Marz said : It's kinda strange how you lot had a horrific time with Bleem!, yet I remember seeing several magazine features on Bleem! with pretty-much-perfect screenshots two years ago.

And I remember playing Croc 2 on the emulated PS with PSEmupro before I even heard of Bleem. First I heard of it was a friend of mine who had gotten hold of a copied version of it which didn't work with many systems. Did it ever get compatible?
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