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How about Darkseed and Dreamweb? As far as I remember playing from Darkseed it was point and click. Dreamweb is most definately point and click although untraditional point and click. Has a good story too. Unfortunately the Amiga version didn't quite live up to my expectations. I have the PC CD version where half the stuff is spoken (Clearly done afterwards, much dialog is missing speech). But even without the speech and just the Disk version (Which I played pirated which in turn made me buy the game on CD when I found it) still had more to offer than the Amiga I'm afraid. I simply loved the soundtrack for the PC version, it created a lot more ambience than the Amiga version's soundtrack managed to create, and the PC version was better done too (No lagging a second every 10 seconds like the AGA version does on me). It had more stuff to enhance the ambience, like the rain falling outside. I think you can hear the sound in the Amiga version. On the PC version when you go outside you can see the rain and the screen will light up with the thunderclaps. But I think I went a little too far pointing out 2 point&click games. Sorry.
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