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Originally Posted by Methanoid
That'd be Dominic Clifton aka Hydra.
Yes, the very man! Good old Dom. I helped him out a bit on a couple of scene boards, we got chatting, when he said he was from Bournemouth (my original home town) that was it, we had to get together. So a fe months later he caught thwe train over to Kent, and we shot up to the Digital Copy Party that Galahad mentioned. And for first time I met Dangermouse, Jester and a few others. And, oh heck, what was his name... one of the "Combat 18" lads. Give him credit, he turned up. And I have a strong feeling of deja vu as I type this. Possibly because I've already replied ages ago, forgot, and am reading the thread due to an email out of the blue from Gary Bews of this parish. :-)

I wonder how well you knew James.... the board wasn't a Faglight board although the link to Faglight was that JBM grassed James to get his Centersoft account closed as Faglight struggled to beat James's supply and if you can't beat them then you cheat....

Funny but NOMAD and Splatt from FLT even rang to apologise about how bad that was....

James was sysop of Arcadia, a small 5 node BBS which at the time it was busted was the UK's largest warez BBS
I'd argue the toss about that <with a grin on me face> as Freeze and I had a dozen or so CD-ROMs on line on The Fridge. But who's counting. Especially TF was an indie board, and not fast at all.

I didn't know James too well at all, I got a heads-up about the bust, and gave him a call to pass on the name and number of a ruddy good lawyer, and some legal advice. Did he ever go to court? ISTR that as there were few - if any - laws the CPS stood a good chance of getting a conviction under, the usual tactic was to seize the equipment under an Anton Pillar order, and then never go to trial. Wait a year or four, and then drop charges once the equioment was beyond obsolete...
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