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Originally Posted by FromWithin
Yes, that's me singing. I'm re-doing the vocals shortly though. I'd just got over a cold and I was coughing all day when I did them, so my voice was a bit nasally and fragile. They'll be much more solid when it comes out of beta (and there's a bit of lyrics and lead guitar to add).

Thanks for the compliments, gentlemen.
Shit youve got a great voice.. what are you doing!!!.. get the hell out there and make yourself known!.. youve got some talent!

My brother had about 40 grands worth of synth and sampling equipment plus about 3 electric guitars. Im looking at getting into some music myself with a synth, so i may ask you for a few tips later down the track. my brother is hard to get a hold of at times.

Actually i just read further up that you used to work for Psygnosis??.. between what years did you work there and what was some of your work??..

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