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About Blood Marz. How about the hands? Those were way worse than any rats (Which I don't remember)

I forgot to mention wheel of time, also a FPS which managed to have ounces of atmosphere. Especially in the ways (Another world you use between gates far apart) where there's a sort of being there which if it catches you you're told (background story in game) that it'll drain your soul. The world is broken completely dark and when that thing comes close to you you hear a sort of wind mixed with whispering voices. If you look at it it'll look like a lot of faces churning between each other in a ball which chases you. That's actually a fact why I don't play the game over again when it had a nasty bug in one of the (I think) last levels where you never get the enemies you need to kill. I just got goosebumps thinking of going through that thing again. The haunted city, though also scarey especially with that mist creature and the quick creatures which dodge your offence, wasn't all that bad.
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