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Wink Believe it or not, some non-horror games are scary to me.

In certain aspects, that is. Let me explain:

Super Mario 64 - Those tall ball worm things on the desert level look utterly freaky to me. Thanks to the fact that they're completely two-dimensional, their glowing eyes and sinister smile follow you all the time and make me churn my stomach sometimes. It's been a long time since I last played the desert level seriously (as in actually get on with finding the stars), because I don't feel I can look at those horrible things again.
But it's not just that. You know that stage where you can choose to be small or big? When you're small, I get very worried when I'm in any water areas because there's this big fish (who wears glasses I might add) who looks alright at first because you think it's just show-off material that can't harm you, that is until you see the terrible, scary and surprising moment where it actually swallows you whole :eek without warning if you get near its mouth and kills you off no matter how much health you have. When I saw this moment for the first time and heard Mario's moan afterwards, I nearly shat myself and almost shedded a tear as if to cry.
Also, minor things like the neverending staircase (leading to the final encounter with Bowser, and neverending that is if you have less than 70 stars), the snow level picture visible in the big mirror but not in the real area, and the big/small level room where the path magically becomes longer and longer (without you knowing) when you approach the right-hand mushroom picture make me feel very uneasy and shivery. It just... it just doesn't seem logical and calm.

Sonic Adventure - Generally, like the N64, looking at some graphics close-up makes them look fake and makes me feel screwed over. But seriously, one bit in Sonic's Labyrinth level (later in the game) makes me feel "WTF?! I'm shivering now". In the first part of the level, taken with the fact that most bottomless pits look obvious, you actually come across this bottomless pit in two rooms which looks like a floor, therefore fooling newcomers into thinking they're safe havens when in fact it makes them lose a life easily. The first time I saw them, I thought they were just that, floors. Plus the way the brick "floor" is drawn makes me feel queasy.

Witchaven 2 - Okay, so this is game is kind of horror-related anyway. But I remember playing a demo of this a few years ago, and some moments seemed to scare me up real good, like the hidden spike pit at the entrance to a certain room (the platform's just total fake, it doesn't open like a trap door or anything, you just fall right through it!). The slight colour enhancement gives the pit's whereabouts anyway, but still it's pretty nasty to encounter.
But what truly scared me the most is the fact that, during completely random times in the game, all of a sudden this ghastly blue ghost thing would materialise right in front of your face, make a ghoulish sound, and disappear again!!!! :eek :eek I had no fricking idea why it appeared, and I still don't know why it appears randomly to this day. I didn't really play it again afterwards, because the game was, IMO, f*cking off its mind.

Quake - I hate the way the player reacts to green slime, whether god mode is enabled or not. This is bad because in some mods you can't tell which liquids are bad harmful liquids or not. Plus, those big fiends who jump at you with such force and speed that when you try to run away from them you retreat like you're panicking and going "Mommy! Mooooomyyyy!! Get the horrible monster away from me! Wah, Gah, Eek etc.".

Quake II - Similarly, the green slime reaction and the brain-sucking tongue aliens (who run around fast and manically in a similar way to the first Quake's peach demons) just make me feel uneasy. Also, one of the levels (I can't remember which) has this small cylinder room to your left at the start, and if you enter it (as in to explore it), it seems empty and normal, except a few seconds later you suddenly find yourself crushed by some huge falling debris and end up being "a bit dead". What a surprise moment that was.

Doom - I detest it when a demon (those pink guys) sneaks up behind you and you suddenly inflict damage and hear the demon's grunt behind your back. Especially if they're one of those cloaked versions of the fiends.
Also, in earlier beta versions of the game, the Doom guy pulled this horrible gasping face when you stepped on green waste. I'm so, so very glad that id pulled it out of the final version, because I don't think I would've been able to play it as much as I usually do now (when I'm in the mood). I do remember though that in one of the demos in some of the early shareware versions, the face cropped up once during E1M3.

Duke Nukem 3D - I just don't like the way the screen fadely flashes green when you step on slime/toxic waste/acid/whatever. Or even the way the screen fadely flashes red when you get damaged anyway.

Redneck Rampage - I just hate, hate, HATE those bloody mosquitoes!!! They're fast, they follow you round most places, and they look faceless to me. I never want to run into a room or area with a shitload of those things.

Blood - Ditto with those small rats that are tricky to kill and invade the floor like horrible things indeed.

Hexen - In one of the early levels, there's this scene where there are three lowered platforms, and a light sword image points at one of them. The one that the sword is pointing at is the one you're meant to use in order to teleport to another place, but when you try to see what happens when you step on the wrong platform, the way it pushes you up towards the ceiling and squashing you just looks mad and nastaaaaaaay!

Rebel Assault 1 & 2 - Not really scary, but I just don't like the horrible music that comes on when you die, and/or during certain cutscenes. But this piece of music has been known to appear in other situations in some other Star Wars games as well.

Space Gun - In some of the levels, some hostages suddenly morph into aliens upon close examination, thus making me feel nervous about certain hostages on certain levels!

Elf (Ocean) - Not very scary at all, but the chilling title music combined with the red-tinted game over screen hidden behind the highscores makes me shiver a bit. Plus back then I rarely ever wanted to watch the execution animation that would come on after game over (that is if it was enabled). Thank god Ocean gave you an option to disable it at least.

BC Kid - I was playing a demo of this not long ago, and noticed how sometimes some of those jelly plant like things suddenly turn into these FREAKY black/yellow-outline things which jumped around and hurt you if you touched them in their path. They would morph if you jumped on them a certain way or head-butted them (can't remember which way it was, really).

That's all I can think of for now, I might think of some more later.
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