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Pascal has going for it the fact that one of the primary goals the language was intended for was teaching people to program, that's true. The language was also intentionally designed to teach "good" structured programming practices while discouraging "bad" ones, such as the use of the "go to". Having worked with a few complete novices to programming in the past, I've found that for some of those, the added complication of learning structured programming slowed the rate at which they learned to program at all. For that reason, I still think BASIC is a pretty decent language to use to teach the absolute fundamentals of logic. Once a beginner learns the basics of programming logic, then you can always teach them why some ways of coding are much better than others, and what advantages other languages offer. Personally, I've never been all that impressed by Pascal, but that's just me. C++ is more to my liking, though I've used it only sparingly. To each their own, of course.
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