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Originally Posted by Adderly
A new verion of Tosec - TIM (V0.6.10) and a huge dat update released today! Get it while it's hot!

"After alot of work from all the team, a new release is online. It is pretty important that you install this update before letting TIM look for any online database updates, as the database structure has changed slightly.

Basically, the lists of countries, languages, etc have been added into the TIM.db. If you run the online update without this version installed, you will get error messages at the end of the import when it is updating the 'listbox' table. TIM will automatically create the 'listbox' table when you first run the new version, so this is why it's important that you are running the latest version of TIM."

Excellent work guys

Originally Posted by bippym
ANyone wanting CLRMAME versions of the dats please PM me and I'll get them sorted for ya
Yes please

This is the way for me, I much prefer ClrMAMEPro and am very used to it (since I use it for everything MAME / Neo-Geo / Raine etc. related)...
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