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I sent you a reply not long ago, in case you didn't receive it i'll post it here.

This is covered in the FAQ and is currently not an option, i might think about implementing it in future versions, but at the moment i am busy with other things.

However as stated in the FAQ, you can use a third party program to extract the audio from the AVI.

A program called GoldWave allows you to do just this, which you can download from the following site.

To get the best sounding results, select the audio codec to output PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) this is the same format as used in uncompressed WAV. The quality of the stream is determined by the Frequency and Sample type settings in WinUAE's sound options, be sure to set these to your desired setting before selecting a codec, i recommend 44100 Hz, 16 bit, Stereo with Sound Emulation 100% accurate and Interpolation disabled since your playback software will most likely apply it's own Interpolation to the sound.

Once your AVI is recorded, it is as simple as dragging the file into GoldWave, after the AVI is processed and the Audio is extracted, editing can begin. GoldWave supports saving or loading MP3, WAV or even Amiga IFF and a multitude of other formats, it is truly one of the best digital audio editors around.

Here is some example output from GoldWave using the Lame MP3 codec (available as an optional download).
The track has been edited so that seamless looping is possible with the right playback software.
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