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Originally Posted by blade002
Before Diablo came along there was an Amiga Game Tower of Souls that i thought was quite a nice game. Many think Diablo was the first of its kind, but in my opinion Tower of Souls was.
There was a Diablo clone that was being developed around 1997/98 for Amiga/PC called Fortress of Fear that German coders, Digital Reality SoftworX were hoping to be better than Diablo. Unfortunately (particularly with respect to the Amiga version), it never was finished despite some reasonable progress. I've knocked up a HOL entry for it with quite a few attractive Amiga screenshots from the game:

In the entry you will find links to the developer website where you can d/l demos for both Amiga and PC. I'd especially like to know what people think of the Amiga demo version and how it compares to the PC version (and also Diablo if a comparison can indeed be made).
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