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Quite true. BASIC was actually the first programming language I learned way back in 1972 (which easily explains why I'm certain it wasn't a Microsoft invention). The name of the language itself is an acronym which stands for (in case anyone out there wasn't already aware of it) Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. The language was designed as a tool for teaching the fundamental concepts of computer programming, and was never intended for "industrial use". At the time it was developed, the vast majority of serious programming was done either in assembler, COBOL or Fortran with the target platform being a machine costing vastly more than any first or second generation personal computer ever has, yet boasting considerably less horsepower than the most ordinary PC sold today. Personally, I still feel that BASIC could be used as an excellent language for teaching the fundamentals of computer logic, though I would tend to favor the use of any of the older variants of BASIC (such as Applesoft, for example) for that purpose. For a beginner, Applesoft would be easier to grasp initially since there would be no mouse or window events, etc. to deal with. Once the general concepts were well understood, the event-driven model of a BASIC such as AmigaBasic would be more easily absorbed. Once a beginner has come to understand all of that, learning to recognize how those same concepts are handled in other languages becomes pretty simple.
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