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Lightbulb Follow-up #0004

2 months after, please wait more if you really need my compilation...
I'm currently busy with another big archive on another cool forum...

In the meantime I post a quick comparison + images...
(I'm not inactive on EAB, with this hopefully )

• Using CityLights v2,
you won't be able to produce real fonts easily;
It lacks all the tools that a charset builder needs (presets, 3D controls...)!
You'll be able to build messages all the same but 3D-F.B. is a lot better here,
generally... (E.g. smaller screen size and smaller choice of lights in 3D-F.B.)
• With 3D-Font Builder v1 (a few Pouët logos were based on it),
because of a small bug, you'll have to render the characters individually
if you need non-ASCII glyphs (i.e. beyond UNICODE #007E "~") in your message...
3D-Font Builder cannot produce real fonts: 1) it lacks of coordinates controls,
and 2) the zoom factor is quite buggy (it depends on the text size, in pixels)!
So I think 3D-F.B. is a good tool when you mainly need to render texts, but not
at all charsets or/and complicated animations (e.g. rotations of dingbats).
Once debugged, it would allow beautiful 2D/3D oldskool characters/dingbats sets!

3D-Font Builder v1.0 (Font Generator)

Download: (v1.0, 82 KB)

Example 1 - with interface

(908x554, 355 KB)

Example 2 - raw

(512x384, 228 KB)

(512x384, 153 KB)

Example 2 uses these settings:
(they're quite reproducible)

Font Properties
Font Type: Arial Rounded MT
Style: Bold
Depth: 6
Edge Width: 1 [but 3 if Wire]
Detail: 1024
Char Space: 0
Line Space: -6
Sample Text:
("_" = space, "|" = Return)
Rounded Edges: Yes
Center Text: No
Equal Char Width: No


Ambient: No (if Transparent), Yes (if Solid)
Point: Yes
Infinite: No
Shadow: Yes

Blur: Yes
Blur (x2): Yes
Smooth: Yes
Metal: No

x: 180
y: 213~
z: 180
(Polygons: 12020)
(Vertices: 6152)
Zoom: Max...
Adjust using cursors...
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