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This may or may not be particularly accurate, but I seem to recall hearing once that ABasic was shipped with the early A1000's mostly because AmigaBasic couldn't be gotten ready to ship early enough for C='s liking, given that they didn't want to delay the launch and give Atari's ST an edge. Supposedly MetaComCo was able to provide ABasic a lot sooner, though it wouldn't fully take advantage of the Amiga's features (as if AmigaBasic did a whole lot better). As for dropping AmigaBasic when WB2 came out, I suspect that was mainly done simply because it didn't work with KS2, and C= didn't want to have to pay Microsoft to fix the problem. They may also have simply wanted to avoid having to continue paying to license AmigaBasic, particularly since it wasn't drawing great reviews in the community anyway.
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