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Originally Posted by Galaxy
There are many superior implementations of BASIC on the Amiga - it's a good thing that C= had the sense to ditch it for WB2.
Funnily enough C= ditched ABasiC (written by MetaComCo in the UK, who also wrote AmigaDOS and, curiosuly, basic for the Sinclair QL) in favour of Microsoft's AmigaBasic when they released WB 1.1. ABasiC was the first basic included with WB 1.0 when the A1000 was originally released in 1985. Quite a lot of early PD stuff (especially in the Fred Fish collection) was written using ABasiC and someone even released a patch for it to work under KS 2.0+. Can't really say that AmigaBasic enjoyed as much enthusiasm. Why Microsoft got the nod ahead of MetaComCo for WB 1.1, I'm not quite sure. If I know C=, it was probably to do with money and licensing agreements. Anyone know for sure?
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