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Originally Posted by pTah
yep, but for me it wasnt much fun to play genetic species. graphics are not everything that is needed for a good game.
No i agree that it was fun to play, but that wasnt my point, my point was sheer quality on all counts!. Graphics, Sound, Gameplay.. the whole lot!.. It was definately a time where the Amiga market had dried up almost completely and this game encompassed all that was great in the Amiga market during the early 90's. It was a rare sight in 1998 to see this, and it was certainly a sight to behold. and i just happened to enjoy Genetic Species alot!.

There were so many points about Amiga games that i enjoyed, the primary point being of course the Gameplay, but i was also almost just as focused on the Art, Technical Acheivements & Creativity.

You dont see that much anymore, either because of A: Its all been done and its hard to come up with new idea's or B: Technical & Creative Genius has been lost in the Sea of bigger and better hardware and an endless obsession with Speed.

The same can be said for the music industry. For every 1000 Beyonce copies there is 1 Bjork that occasionally stands out and makes us realise what is truly great and then sets a new standard.

Those pixels on that screen and that music that played while were playing those games was as every bit as important as gameplay, because that profoundly influenced how drawn into that world and feeling you became.

Ooooh im getting all deep now!. lol. Nurse!!!... 50 cc's of sedation!.

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