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Originally Posted by Tungboo
Chaos Strikes Back finished in 10 minutes and 37 seconds (seriously!)
Dungeon Master 40 minutes

WHAT??? dungeon master in 40mins??? i played through it, i LOVED this game, it was one of the greatest achivments of game programming of all time... but i maybe played about 40 days. or even more.

later many games copied dungeon master, like xenomorph, captive, crystal dragon, black crypt, abandoned places and of course the great eye of the beholder, but noone got me hooked as much as dungeon master. not even the add-on chaos strikes back.

even when i would have played dungeon master again, knowing all secrets/maps, it would have taken me a few days. i mean, without cheating, only killing the dragon takes 40mins. or catching lord chaos. noone can seriously play through this game in 40mins without cheating or at least exploiting some bugs/iregularities that you were not supposed to do...

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