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Originally Posted by mr_a500
Yes the SID chip is better, but none of my favourite games made good use of the SID. Surprisingly, my five favourite games listed all sound better on the Atari. For example, "Rescue on Fractalus" music is way better on the Atari because for some unknown reason, they replaced the music on the C64 version. Lots of sound effects are better on the Atari versions.
The U.S. was not exactly a breeding ground for audio creativity on the C64 (or any other platform, for that matter). Witness stuff like Bionic Commando, where the appalling music was re-written by Tim Follin for the European release. There are other examples of this happening on other games as well. All of your top five games are, no surprise, developed in the U.S. That doesn't entirely explain why the Atari Rescue on Fractalus audio is better, but it could have been audio apathy on the C64 one.
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