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Chambers of Shaolin put my Competition Pro on the brink, or even, brought it on knife's edge.

You could just ignore the karate part, but you would not have been able to win against the opponent in the combat game later, as the strength values DID get calculated that way!
One time I just waggled "normally", but then I had a great idea:

I had to replace a microswitch and did *NOT* close the joystick again!
I played all of the chambers with the plastic base LOOSE on the joystick, then, when my "beloved" stage came ... heh ... I only played with the "intestines" of the joystick and --- WON!

Suddenly I won all the karate stages and I did NOT destroy my competition pro, as waggling with the shorter inner stick could be made more precise while it was very difficult to waggle *evenly* with the actual "stick": you could easily have waggled TOO FAR in right or left direction and possibly break something internally.

Worst idea ever of game authors.

Having observed how my own children through to adult changed the way they handled joysticks & pads I can only sumise, that depending on the game & their own maturity at the time, their ability to limit button presses & joystick movement to only those NEEDED for the game was allways a learning curve.
woody ...

I KNOW. And some game authors DID something against that.
Ever heard of laser temperature?
This idea had even TWO effects: you could prevent the user from using autofire in the game, making everything much too easy; on the other hand, you could prevent him from firing 8 shots in a short sequence to have a better chance to hit an opponent. The laser would just overheat and fire become unresponsive, usually leading to sudden death.

Ah and what about AGONY? I think when I used (virtual) auto-fire (hammering the fire button), I could never pick up any extras; when I shot in shorter or longer intervals, extras popped up from time to time. Coincidence?

I've had this happen many times in racing games.. On a tedious straight in Lotus II (there are some, yes), I drift back to reality and realise I'm putting a lot of strain on the stick.. Then I loosen up just a little, but notice that the firebutton pops up as I do this and I can't control my thumb.
Heh Jope, I remember that too. BUT ... some games do not like this AT ALL. Traps and Treasures from level 2 on was very unforgiving in this, I even had to use ANOTHER joystick for playing it! In T & T, you have to pick up small boxes from the sea bed, and mostly several miles from the place where you need to put them. You do NOT want to know if you loosen the strength on your thumb, losing the box and it drops back into sea bed! Frustrating? That's just the first name.

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