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Originally Posted by Dizzy
Just did a search on IMDB

Result in Trivia:

Max Headroom (1987)

The futuristic graphics used on the show were created by a top-of-the-line computer of 1987, a Commodore Amiga

Jurassic Park (1993)

The animation was first plotted on an Amiga Toaster, and rendered for the film by Silicon Graphics' Indigo workstations

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)

The computer that Scotty uses to show transparent aluminum was originally going to be an Amiga, but Commodore would only provide a computer if they bought it. Apple was willing to loan them the Mac.

Result in Keyword:

Crystal Ball (1989)

Jing hun ji (1989)
...aka Betrayal (1989)
...aka Deception (1989)
...aka Web of Deception (1989)

Sidekicks (1992)

Stepfather III (1992) (TV)

Wayne's World (1992)
I have already read most of these and the ones you posted above... it's not what this thread is about... it is about movies/tv shows etc where amigas can be spotted... it's not about what movies/tv shows etc where amiga were used for graphics... please clean this thread up by removing all text you posted that is not about amiga spottings.

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