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Originally Posted by Rick Dangerous
articles written back in the stoneage of homecomputing are very interesting.
I've an article in a german computermagazine from 1986 where two people discuss the pros and cons of THE MOUSE.
Actually afaik there were only the Macintosh, A1000 and AtariST on the normal-user-market that were sold together with a mouse.
In the PC world the mouse became famous from 1989 on, as far as I know.
In the MS-IBM-INTEL-conspiracy there was no mouse.
A friend of mine in 1985 had access to a comlete Compaq-PC owned by his rich father. It was a 8086 or 286 based one but it was VERY expensive at that time and had no mouse. This complete Compaq-PC topped the price for a similiar equipped A1000 more than 5 times, I remember.

I used to own a Toshiba 8086 laptop PC. It had two internal disk drives but NO HD and 640 KB RAM (Ooooh!). My father gave it to me and I don't want to know how much it costed when he bought it... Yikes, it was a lot. It didn't have a mouse but I eventually managed to get a mouse to work in Zak McKracken, connected to the COM port. It also had CGA graphics, a real bloody pain to watch... Not to mention the internal PC speaker. *shudders*

Ok, so that wasn't very much on topic.
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