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Minimig (A500) Motherboard PCB rev 1.0

"Amiga guru hardware Dennis van Weeren revealed the PCB of Minimig. Minimig it is an A500 designed to fit on a 2 layer motherboard sized 120x120 millimeters equipped with FPGA circut which emulates Amiga chipset. It has no IDE controller, but MMC memory card slot that should be enough for all purposes on any A500, and it emulates perfectly a very large quiet-hard disk. Next step is to testing if FPGA fits and works on a real manufactured Minimig motherboard (actually Minimig lays on three separate little boards connected by cables).

Dennis stated various times that he want to leave the project open to those people who want to realize it by themselves, and that there will be no AGA version as he made all this job for pure fun.

Discussion about Minimig here on"

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