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Ok, don't ought to look for more at the moment, but more movies can be found on this site: Link. Go over there and see if there are movies you maybe have in your possession and if so, take screenshot(s).

I have all the Red Dwarf episodes on DVD, but they are all lent out, so can't take any screenshots. Maybe some of you can?.

The picture from Candyman was sent to me and I personally think it looks like a PC dos program.

... For better detailing, please add a comment to your picture if possible, like who's in it.... it would make the final page more complete with a description. The guy in Brain Dead I think is that Pullman dude from Space balls... donno.... so didn't write anything.

... Did Jurassic Park have an amiga in it or was it just used for visual effects?

... When this thread is filled with pictures, I will put them all nicely into one page.

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