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BTTR Update

Back To The Roots has been updated. Here's a little exerpt of it

We should ask ourselves too, if Microsoft is interested in supporting Amiga lovers today. Luckily we can answer this question with "Yes, they are!"
In a surprising move (after more than two years of patience) we received permission from the Windows company for uploading some Amiga games which were developed by Access Software. Access Software is part of the giant Microsoft empire for some time now and was just renamed to Salt Lake Games. They've developed some of the best golf simulation games. Especially the "Links" series is well known worldwide.
Before "Links" will come online, we'd like to give you some older golf games from Access Software. Games placed extremely high in the list of games which have written history. We're talking about Leaderboard and World Class Leaderboard, so enjoy them. From other companies you can download Air Bucks (AGA), Guardian, Hugo 3, Mixed-up Mother Goose, Platou, Realms, Thexder, Fußball Total, mission disks for Vroom and Fighter Bomber and lots of other ADF games and HD versions.

Sweet. Microsoft have succumbed to the power of Bobic and Hippie2000
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