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Cool Dungeon Master

I'm a huge fan of the PC game Trespasser. The official Jurassic Park first person game that everyone slagged off. If anyone here has played it very far you'll know this can be a pretty scary game. You run into an old building with 3 raptors closing in on you and you can here them outside. You've run out of ammo and realise all you can do is run out the back door and find a weapon. Even scarier when a T-Rex is chasing after you and you're running for the cover of a building. Or when one of those raptor buggers jump at you from behind a wall or bush. Truly scary stuff. I think Dungeon Master was scary the first time I played it. I was playing it with a friend and I remember we dropped down a pit. All we could hear were these huge strange footsteps we hadn't heard before. They were getting closer and closer. We suddenly turned around to be confronted by a huge dragon who then unleashed a mammoth fireball in our faces. We screamed. I mean really screamed. It was so shocking. Hahaha. Aaaah, they were the days. Also if anyone has played the 3D sections of Jurassic Park AGA on the Amiga you'll know what scary really is. It's the music that makes it so tense. You jut know there's a raptor in that dark room and your just waiting for it to jump out at you. Don't play this game if you have heart problems. Very Scary.
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