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Having never played the original PC version, I can't really compare it. However, the PSX version is quite playable on my big T.V. The controls have been mapped to the controller to make it intuitive and easy to pick up and play. For a game released in 1998, I can't figure out why the developers forgot to include analog pad support! (doh). This means you can only control your character using the D-Pad. Still, it's an enjoyable experience with adequate sfx and atmospheric music. You can save your progress at any time (takes up a whopping 10 blocks on your memory card) and a useful Auto Map feature is provided so you don't get lost in the dungeons. On your quest you can utilise a variety of medieval weapons and use the gold you earn to upgrade your armour, weapons, and buy potions, spells, etc.

Once I complete this game I will check out Diablo 2 & Dungeon Keeper.
I think both of these are available on budget re-release label.
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