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Found A Classic!

I strolled into my local GameStation store yesterday and lo and behold I purchased a mint copy of the classic Diablo for the

The game has 16 randomly generated labyrinths which are different every time! O.K, I know what your thinking...This is an old PC game every serious gamer has already played, but I have never played the PC version and have been looking for the PSX version for over 8 years. The wait has been worth it! My only gripe is that the gfx could have been a little sharper.

Browsing through the manual I noticed that the lead programmers were: Gary Liddon & Tim Swann. Is this the same Gary Liddon of Zzap64! fame?

IMHO this game could have been ported to the Amiga. Oh, well there's always "Tower Of Souls" for the rest of us, huh?
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