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Looking for screenshots of Amiga computers in movies.

I want to create a page with pictures of Amiga computers in movies/commercials etc...

Searched but couldn't find a thread about it, but I vaguely remember a thread about this once, maybe wasn't in this forum.

Here is a site with some info on movies and stuff which used Amigas for effects and stuff, the site also have some info on movies which had Amigas in them:

"Brain Dead".
Amiga 1000 spotted in the trailer for the movie.

"Danger Island"
A 1084s monitor (with the brand covered by a sticker)

"Darkman III"
An A3000 appears as the main villain's lab computer.
but it's all text. Does anyone have some of the movies and maybe could take some screenshots? . I will search for some movies and start to downloading.

I remember amiga computers being in the back of some MacGuyver episodes.. don't know which ones.

So find those pictures and post them !!!
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