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I have newincons installed on my Amiga running OS3.9
I hope you installed only the icons and *not* the NewIcons and DefIcons programs. Otherwise this is a big mistake. OS3.9 comes with a new icon.library which can read both newicons and glowicons. And it already has its new compatible version of the DefIcons program. If you install the old versions from the newicons archive, the OS3.9 functions are deactivated. This might even lead to crashes.

Some files such as lha gif avi etc have the 'tool' icon and dont have a program assigned to them. How do I set a defualt icon for file type and a default program for a file type?
Run Sys:Prefs/DefIcons, search for the file type to change and double click it. This will open an icon info window where you can change the default tool.

Make sure you run only one version of the DefIcons program and that you run it only once, because running it again (e.g. once in User-Startup and once in WBStartup) will stop it.

When I want to replace a default drawer icon with a newicons icon I have downloaded from Aminet, it just replaces them with a small dot sometimes. Why is this even though I can see what they look like on my HD before i copy them over?
See my first comment above: *remove* every program file which came from the NewIcons archive.

How do I change the icons for my hard drives and floppy disks on the workbench? Where are the info files for these located?
Save it as envarc:sys/def_<drivename>.info, e.g. or Make sure the icons are of type "disk", otherwise the drive will become invisible (use IconEdit to check/change the type).

I am using the copynewicon tool to replace single icons is this the best way to do it?
Click the icon you want to change once (so that it is marked), then choose "Icon -> Information" from the menu. Now drag the new icon you want to copy over the icon's picture in the info window. Then click on save.

Also what should I use killoldicon for?
The icon files hold two sets of images: the old four-coloured OS3.1 style images and the new colourful icons, either as NewIcons or as GlowIcons. The killoldicon program deletes the OS3.1-style images and replaces them by only a small dot (what you saw for some drawers).

IMHO it is silly to do that and also unfair for the non-newicons users. You should rather use the OldLikeNew program from my homepage. Basically it does the same but instead of the small dot it saves a four-coloured copy of the new/glowicon.
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