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Originally Posted by keropi
could it be that my friend's bppc is not a rev2 one and thus it does not work with the g-rex? he just sees the cgx4 bootlogo, "the light my fire" image and nothing after that...
That was my gut instinct when I first read your post.....that maybe your friend had some hardware with a different revision from you (i.e. BPPC card, G-Rex card, A1200 motherboard etc.). Had so many problems in the past setting up expanded A1200 tower systems because different revisions of hardware didn't like being combined together and would hang the system.

If the libs are all there as you said, then your friend should check that the BPPC is Rev. 2. If it's an older revision, then AFAIK there is no possibility that the G-Rex will work.

If the BPPC revision is ok, then he should check that he has flashed the BPPC bios with the latest firmware (needed for G-Rex use) and also the G-Rex with the latest V2.2 firmware. I'll assume you installed the relevant driver for his gfx card (i.e. Voodoo 3 etc.).

As Thomas has said, something opening up a requester is a possibility and a monitor/TV will quickly pick that up. Otherwise removing all internal boards/external hardware so that only an A1200 with BPPC and G-Rex/gfx card remains is another way to go. If that works, then adding one board at a time until the system hangs will identify the offending piece of hardware.

Well, no 68040new.library or 68040old.library in SYS:libs here and I know I used the Cyberstorm Mk2 installer disk when I upgraded this A4000/030 to 060. Weird if you and Boot_WB reckon they should be there. Must investigate.
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