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Which ones do you understand so far? Here is a list of the main buildings from the top of my head. The items used by the buildings are in brackets, the outputs of the buildings are after the brackets:

Woodcutter - logs
Stone mason - stone blocks
Fisherman - fish
Sawmill (logs) - wooden planks
Farm - wheat
Windmill (wheat) - flour
Baker (flour) - bread
Pig farmer (wheat) - pigs
Butcher (pigs) - meat
Iron worker (iron ore, coal) - iron bars
Armour (iron bars, coal) - weapons
Toolsmith (iron bars, wooden planks) - tools
Goldsmith (gold ore, coal) - gold coins
Mines (food) - gold, coal, stone, iron ore

I think this covers most of them. One thing to remember is that troops only improve in rank when they have gold coins and when they are stationed in either the castle or one of the bigger guard buildings (Fortress, Watchtower, guard house(?)).

Hope this helps.
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