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Let him connect a monitor or TV to the Amiga video connector. Perhaps something is wrong with the CD-ROM driver and there is a "cannot open xyz.device unit abc" requester or anything else which prevents the workbench screen to open on the gfx card accompanied by a "intuition wants to refresh the workbench screen, please close all windows except drawers" requester.

You can also let him boot without startup-sequence and enter the following commands:

set echo on
execute s:startup-sequence

then follow the output until it hangs. However, this becomes a real big mess when the gfx card driver is loaded and nothing is visible any more except black and white squares.

He might disable the CD-ROM driver by entering

rename devs/dosdrivers/cd#? storage/dosdrivers


rename devs/dosdrivers/emergency_cd#? storage/dosdrivers

depending on how you named the driver.
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