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Some friends/contacts i can remember more than just their handle/group:

Sceptic (Zacke) i had nice chats with him, sysop of the Bacardi House

Oxyron (Slide,Smirnoff, Axis and da rest!) I once meet some of the members on a meeting in northern Germany but can't remeber who was there. They coded some damn cool c64/amiga demos.

Shining 8 (Jazy) cool guy, we and Dragon of Vision spend once a nice weekend together with a lot of CC fraud & modem trading...

Mad Elks (Kopara) cool polish guy, nice contact & swap. Met him in Hamburg on the Complex/Sanity/Supplex party '93. Mad Elks' "Technological Death" is one of my favorite demos.

Principes (Mic) nice swap & talk. One of my favorite scene contact. Principes joined later as a part of Unlimited if i can remeber that right, but it was around the time as i left the scene.

Retire (Tanith, killtech) real elite swapper

Muffbustres (Pitcock) if he was from Sweden or Norway i had some cool illegal swapping with him, if not my memory just play tricks on me...

Scoopex (Mr. King) ok, who was a mail swapper and did not traded with him? His packdisk series is/was well known. Don't he was in Analog before SCX?

Vision (Dragon) we had a nice meeting once, he used to swap with my brother

Born to Booze (Megaman) cool cracker, he did some nice cracks for BTB and later joined Unlimited. I supplied some games that he cracked. He tried to teach me how to code assembler but i did not learned it very good. lol

Rhetor (UNL) a very talented person. He did some great pictures/logos for our group and worked for some commercial projects. The gfx/design for Xcopy TNG is from him.

Technoking (HTJ/UNL) my very best amiga friend. We traded like hell on dat-tapes coz we had both so much stuff that sendings with 20+ disks per week were not enough for us. He found a perfect solution for faking stamps. Cool guy.

Black Eagle of UNL France, world leader if UNL. I still have the nice print with the manga girls he once sended me.
Suicide/UNL from Belgian was a great contact/friend
Blockhead/UNL (Norway) and Deejay Jones/UNL (great musicians).
A big hello to Hysteric/UNL, i build up the German section of Unlimited together with him. Intercode & Murphy with their BBS and all the rest of the Unlimited team.

oh my so many more to mention and the memory already fades. I was mail swapper and had a lot of contacts in 1993/1994. Later i was modem trader and Co-sysop before the big bust wave killed most of the BBS scene in Germany. Anyway, if the name Adderly/Unlimited rings a bell for you drop a note!
All those contacts are long gone as i left the scene. But hey, i found some new buddies here on EAB! Thanks for reading...

An old (from 1994) and 4 sure not complete contact list i found on one of my Unlimited disks, so greetings fly out to the following guys:

Abyss (Duke), Ahhh (Metal Puppy), Alcatraz (Sting), Alchemy (Backfire), Anthrox (Exocet, Mr. Do), Arise (Virus), Avandgarde (TSI), Black Jack (Janitor, Splatterhead), Bronx (Kazz), Byte Limit Systems (Silicon), Cadaver (Slayer), Clique (Deatil, Ravel), Cobs (BlackSnake), Complex (Skyclad), DEFEKT (Animal, Insider), Desire (Chaos), Diffusion (Beholder), Duplo (Drago), Effect (Radavi), Energy (Action), EPILOGUE (Vadium), Eremation (Blaster, Skull), Essence (Mop, Andy), Fear (Trid.K., Rave), Flying Cows (Carlo), High Tech Team (Frankenstein, Solarsystems, Prince), Illusion (Axxis, Pinki), Intense (Double R, Fiction), Interactive (Ali, Walker), Investation (Alex Empire), Iris DK (JFK, Zerox), Isch Crew (Rapper, Morpheus), Kefrens & Polka Bros. (Zinko), Ladybirds (Ranger), Mad Elks (Redman, Kopara), Massacre (Cannibal), Muffbustres (Pitcock), Mystic (Swift), Neanderthal Men (Thor), Neoplasia (Cyborg, Horra), Netzwerk (WDS), Nightfall (Benjo), ORION (2DD, Reval, Monsum), Outlaws (Fate, Flynn), Oxyron (Slide,Smirnoff, Axis & all others), Principes (Mic, Tiger), Razor 1911 (Limbo), Ram Jam (ACBS), Rebels (Exciter), Retire (Axel F., Mephisto, Tanith, Peacemaker), Saints (Nop, Victory), Sanity (Trasher), Sardonyx (Candyman, Pinup), Sceptic (Zacke), Scoopex (Mr. King, Darren, Chris), Scubage (Iron, Lopez, Dr. Link, Yoshi), Shining 8 (Jazy), Shrimps (DJ Mellow Noise, Cr8y, Eager-Beager), Simplex (Paperboy), Silicon (Tos), Speedy (Steffen), Technology (Sonic Flash, Lucifer), TFD (Clever), The Fun Factory (Illusionist), Tilt (Exolon), TRSI (Norby, TSM, Bald Horse, QBA, Mr. King), Unlimited (all around the World), Vision (Dragon, Zodak), X-TREME (Sir Jinx, Floppy Man), Zenon (Duq), Zig Zag Corp. (Dust, Avatar)
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