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Piracy eh? That's got to be the oldest topic everyone still discusses (everyone who has gaming machines anyway).
The most used argument against it is , of course , "You're killing software houses/ artists " - I don't agree.

If piracy was such a threat there would be no such thing as 'Best Selling Games' and whatnot. If a game is good it sells well regardless of piracy. ie. Sierra has been around for 20 or more years , does this mean that their games were never pirated??

Of course not! Everyone here knows who Sierra is and can name almost all of their games from memory. Why? Because of piracy? No! It's because they made such great games. Not only Sierra but many other software houses as well.

How many of them are still alive today? How many have developed for C64 & Atari ST & Amiga & Spectrum all at the same time and still exist? Piracy plagued all of these systems , did they suffer from it? Perhaps , at least to some extension. Did it 'kill' them? No.

Software houses don't die. They fade away into oblivion along with their latest crappy releases. It's just easier to say it was because of piracy.

I can't think of a software house that went bankrupt directly because of piracy.

Just my 2 cents worth.
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