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AFA OS: Prerelease 1 of the MUI clone Zune

"Bernd Roesch is now making a port of the MUI clone Zune available for AFA OS, his AmigaOS backport of diverse AROS libraries.

Zune can be run in parallel with MUI, no files of a MUI installation are deleted or overwritten whatsoever. With the "ZunePromoter", it is configured which MUI applications should use Zune instead of the original MUI libraries. This approach was necessary, since many MUI applications apparently use undocumented MUI functions and, at present, do not work under Zune yet. YAM and SimpleMail were already tested and accord with Zune.

Zune still has two restrictions at present: It can't open its own screens yet (only the Workbench screen is supported), and the window coordinates are not saved. For the implementation of functions that are still missing, the author would be thankful for the assistance of other developers.

External classes for Zune have the ending .zcc and .zcp and are located in MUI:libs/zune. Therefore, MUI classes can be converted to Zune classes simply with a file editor, even without access to the sources. The classes by Klaus Melchior(kmel) and Alfonso Ranieri were thus adapted to Zune with the authors' consent and accompany the archive. Other classes are copied and adapted during the installation of Zune.

Programmers who would like to use Zune directly, simply open the zune.library instead of the muimasterbase.library. Should this action fail, the muimasterbase.library should be opened instead. Thus, both MUI and Zune can be supported with just one binary.

Authors, who use undocumented MUI functions, or whose software does not work under Zune for other reasons, are asked to contact Roesch in order to allow for a suitable adaptation or extension of the libraries."


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