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Great machines, all 8-bit Ataris! Back in 1982-83, an uncle of mine bought a 2600, and we had a great time playing Space Invaders, Boxing, Video Olympics and Demon Attack(superb game!!).
Some ten years later, I bought a second hand 800XL off a newspaper ad and realized how powerful this machine is, in fact! A brilliant homecomputer, not only for gaming... Meanwhile, I already had my C=64 and Amiga 500, since '88 and I really love both machines and played a lot around with them... but XL impressed me with its colourful demos and advanced performance!! Lots of fun! Nowadays I own 2 800XLs, 2 65XEs, an 800XE an 130XE, 2 1050s and a XF551! I do some fiddling with them from time to time and I really lke them still! Also built a SIO2PC cable, for transferring .ATRs to real disks! Great equipment (as with xe1541 on C=64)!!
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