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Another World is pure genious, loaded with nice ideas, and nicely balanced between cinematics and storyline and interactive parts. The Amiga version certainly had the worst gameplay if you compare it with the ports on other systems but was still far far beyond onEscapee. In AW (and Flashback) you can really feel the experience of the developpers at all levels, in both games all elements are very well stitched together while in onEscapee it seams that everything it put there without any real purpose.

In onEscapee you can easyly feel the makers had no experience and tho they certainly did their best the game as a globality lacks a lot.

I also think the game was finished in a hurry, for example the speed is too slow and everything seams to move in slowmotion (by chance the Amiga version has this 'Turbo' mode that save it), the playability is awfull (like I explained before) and the gameplay is the same. The two last levels have no interest at all, just swim and run, there's no enemy, no puzzles... you just have to pass all those empty screens and wait for the final sequence, there is not even a last battle with the main enemy. And when you know the first screens are counted as a level you can make the total: 6 - 3, there is only 3 levels in the game.
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