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Originally Posted by mangemani
my new friends just shake their heads and say "but for the love of good,why dont you play the never games instead of playing those old ugly games",but they just dont get it how good and important these games are for me,they didnt grow up with an amiga so they will never get it i guess.

ah well,thats my "sad" story
I understand your sentiments exaclty because thats just the way i feel about all these Amiga games & also the Amiga. A special time in my life too, and one that was truly the happiest.

In saying that people must think that i havent lived?, but i truly have and have experienced so many things and loved so many women,... I just cant put my finger on why the Amiga captures me so much?

Im with ya all the way my friend. Hold onto those memories like i will

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