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when i was a kid i had it all,had an amiga,had an neighbour with an amiga500+,had friends that sometimes visit and played some games and so on.
i spent almost all my time growing up at my neighbour,playing all sorts of game,especialy SWOS,played tournaments with him and 2 more friends,up all night,playing and playing,hired guns,battle squadron,premier manager,you name it,kept drinking trocadero(a swedish soda) and shouting and cheering each time a guy scored in some game,well,you get the picture,it was the best time of my life(the golden years)...BUT...when i was 15(i think) my neighbour decided to move away,it was one of the sadest thing that have ever happened to me,one of my best friends and the guy that i had played games with all my life,now moved away,sure,i had my other friends left,but it wasnt the same thing.
some years later me and my parents moved away to,lost contact with the most of my game mates and "the golden years" was,i play all the games that i and my old gaming friends played,just to keep the memories alive(i never want to lose these memories),my new friends just shake their heads and say "but for the love of good,why dont you play the never games instead of playing those old ugly games",but they just dont get it how good and important these games are for me,they didnt grow up with an amiga so they will never get it i guess.

ah well,thats my "sad" story
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