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He, he, he, this is the original Karnov...

Use cheats then:

... Pugsy's MAME cheats has just been updated to v0.106 (about time, the last one was for MAME v0.81 - 21 April 2004)
... Extract this to the root of your MAME32 directory.
... Once the game has loaded, press <TAB> and then go down to the Cheats menu.
... Select your desired cheats.

PS. I hope that you are using MAME32 (Windows GUI) and not MAME (command line based). You can get the latest version of MAME32 from

Although try to find v0.106 and not v0.106u1 (as MAME Devs are playing around with re-writing the video systems, bound to be issues)...

If you cannot find MAME32 v0.106 then let me know and I'll upload it to YouSendIt for you...

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