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How many of you are/were Atari 8bit users?

I bought Atari 800 in 1981 because of Star Raiders! I say it on a Big Screen TV and I was hooked. The 3D graphics, and sound were fantastic for an '81 computer system. I did not upgrade to the ST line, but switched to an Amiga 500 system in 1989. The graphics, and sound of the Amiga were fantastic. I say the Juggler demo at a local computer store and I knew that I found the system that I had been looking for.

Kinda funny though. My favorite computer/game systems were the Atari 2600, Atari 800, and the Amiga 3000. All of which jay Miner had direct input in the design.

How many other EAB members were Atari 8bit users?
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