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Hey up DamienD!

In general.....
1) Super fast delivery of SNES DVD.
2) Fantastic quick responses to my PM's with regards to problems I had installing this DVD which are all now resolved - thankyou for your time and patience!
3) Your superb and easy to use front interface that does "exactly what it says on the tin"'.
4) An AMAZING array of games. This lot has kept my four kids utterly entertained. Youngest (10 month old) is banned after trying to eat the joypad.......

In just a bit more detail.....

I have thoroughly tested everything and I cannot fault any aspect of your SNES DVD. The list of minor questions I was going to ask about, like display and sound configurations have been well covered in detail in this thread.

The emulators themselves are very easy to use and configure, although out of the two I personally favour SNES9X. For playing the games I use the Logitech Joypad (very similar to PS) and it works absolutely fine.

I could go on but I just can't fault it! You say in a previous post that it gives your great satisfaction and pleasure knowing that alot of members have asked for your SNES DVD purely for, like myself, their kids to play, just shows the amount of time and dedication you have committed to producing this, at no cost.

Brilliantely put together DamienD! Very very well done!
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