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@ z00mba and Interceptor

Basically, I don't see any differences to Another World and in many cases to Flashback. Another World was excatly the same as OnEscapee. The death scenes that z00mba describes, are a rip off from Another World. Remember when you are rolling in the tubes in Another World and you just end up falling off like a sack full of potatos only to find that you are dead? Remember the start of Another World too? Going to the right, then running to the left, running to the right, saved (?) by the bad guys.

I think that it all comes up to negative mind and being superstitious. When I played the game back in 1997, I enjoyed it very much. I play the PC version when my broadband connection is busy with P2P and can't play CS.

Both Another World and OnEscapee and up to a point Flashback, are very scripted. There is always a thin white line that you follow to finish the game. They all have a balance between arcade and adventure elements. To say that you don't like OnEscapee but you like Another World is beyond logic.
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