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>How the heck did Ocean get taken over, I don't remember >reading about financial difficulties or anything like that and afaik >Ocean were one of the biggest developer/publishers in their >day!

Ocean didn't make enough inroads into PC/PSX/SATURN development. Their main income was Amiga, NES and SNES, Ocean and Infogrammes merged, but it was the Infogrammes name that stayed.

>As for Gremlin who's funsoft?

German company, who in 1994 owned 25% of Gremlin Interactive. They later bought Gremlin out completly.

>What about other houses/developers i.e 21st Century etc.. it >seems Eidos rose from Tombraider and grew quickly to be one >of the biggest

21st Century Entertainments used to be know as Hewson Consultants (Hewson), they died twice before coming back as 21st. As far as I know, they are no longer around.

Eidos was an American company that bought out: Domark, Core Design, U.S. Gold, CentreSoft (Distribution), plus several development teams.
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